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Battery Pack 7.2v Tamiya

RC 7.2v Battery Pack 6 Cell Tamiya Connection 1800mah to 3000mah +


Designed to fit RC 7.2v battery compartments / holders on rc cars / buggys and trucks 1/10 scale and a few 1/8 scale models. Also used in many starter boxes and roto (electric) starters for nitro models.


Most RC 7.2v Battery Packs will feature female tamyia (large) connectors that measure 26.68mm long x 13.34mm wide x 7mm high.


However their are a few models (usually 1/16 scale or smaller) that will use a micro 7.2v tamiya battery which measures 22.37mm x 10mm wide x 6.45mm tall. They will usually have a different colour to regular size tamiya connectors, for example the ones we stock are in a light green shade.


Regular size 7.2v tamiya batteries for 1/10 and 1/8 scale models will measure 131mm long by 22mm wide by 44mm high


However slightly larger battery packs such as a 4700mah battery will use a slightly larger pack measures just a few mm more than the above.


How to check these RC 7.2v battery packs will fit your model?


Check the connectors are the same on your old rc 7.2v battery pack or charger as shown on the battery range below. Check the measurements above to help ensure a fit.


Tamiya connectors use a two pins, if looking dead on to the connector housing one appears oval the other appears square.


How to connect?


Simply push together to connect.

Square to square connector.

Oval to oval connector.


Before use check you have correct polarity. The red wire should always run parallel to the back through our the battery pack to the charger or the battery pack to the rc model. If the wires cross (red connecting to black) disconnect immediately to avoid damage.


Tamiya connectors feature male metal pins in the female housing and female metal pins in the male housing.


How long to charge RC  7.2v battery packs?


Find out the mah output for the charger and then divide this by the mah of the battery you want to charge.


For example a 350mah output charger will need to charge a 700mah 7.2v battery pack for 2 hours.


Overcharging a battery pack will usually damage it, getting a charger with a trickle function will prevent this.



Two types of chargers generally exist, you have a slow and a fast charger (also known as peak). Slow chargers usually will have a mah ouput below 250mah. As for fast chargers will have a mah above this, usually at least 500mah in most cases. Its common for a fast charger to use a higher voltage (e.g. 9v) to enable a quicker charger.


Note though that using a fast charger continuously will shorten a batteries life span eventually. Slow chargers will enable a battery to last much longer if done correctly. Between charges it is essential to ensure a battery is fully discharged before recharging.


The chargers we stock for 7.2v batteries will charge Ni-CD or Ni-MH batteries however will not charge any other type. Using a 7.2v charger with the above spec on a Li-Po or Li-ion battery will damage it.


Battery Safety

Never leave batteries to charge without supervision as a fault can develop with a charger at any time. Although most chargers do have overheat cut out it is always better to be safe than sorry.


Li-Po Bag Safety Note

Li-Po bags never guarantee safety and are just a helpful method of protection to reduce the chance of a battery fire getting out of hand. In the event of smoke or fire simply unplug the charger and be prepared with either a fire extinguisher / blanket or earth. Using the li-po bag on a non flammable service away from flammable materials (curtains / carpets etc) is advisable.

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