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RC Motors & Electronic Speed Controllers


Most electric models will now use an ESC & motor to control the throttle and brake/reverse. Their are two main types of ESC:


Brushed – the standard type of ESC & motor used on beginner RC models. This is the much cheaper option.


Brushless – much more powerful type of RC ESC & motor capable of great performance and speed and is very costly option to replace but is the best upgrade from a brushed ESC available.


How to work out which RC ESC & Motor will fit?


1st find out the motor size, for example most 1/10 scale models will use a 540 motor. Secondly find out whether you have a brushed or brushless motor and finally find out what the turn is on your motor, e.g. 20 turn. Usually this information can be found in your manual or search online.


A brushed ESC can only be used with brushed motors. Same with brushless can only be used with brushless motors.


If your rc motor is a 20 turn you can only use it with an ESC that has a 20 turn limit. If your motor is above this, say a 25 turn then it can still be used with a 20 turn ESC. If your motor is say a 15 turn motor you need a 15 turn limit ESC otherwise you will notice a performance change (as well as overloading the esc).


How to work out how to increase top speed or acceleration through pinion and spur gears?


Motor pinion gears with more teeth will increase top speed, but will reduce acceleration.


Smaller pinion gears with less teeth will increase acceleration but will reduce top speed.


A larger spur gear will increase top speed, but reduce acceleration.


A smaller spur gear will decrease top speed but will increase acceleration.


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