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RC Clutch

There are currently 2 types of rc clutch generally used in RC. 2 shoe rc clutch's are usually used in 1/10 scale and 1/16 scale models. 3 shoe rc clutch's are usually use with 1/8 and 1/6 scale models.

How to find out if the rc clutches we stock will fit your model?

Simple measure the inner diameter of your rc clutch housing. For 1/10 or 1/8 scale models usually the inner diameter will be 26mm. For rc clutches to fit they will need to be 25mm or slightly smaller.

Clutch (2 shoe)
Clutch (3 shoe)

RC 2 and 3 Shoe Clutch Kits

Due to the vast number of engines on the market it can be difficult to pick a clutch kit which will fit all. However the clutch kits we do stock will the majority of universal fit engines. Such as those made by VX / Team Infinity / SH etc.

What will fit my engine:

Generally their are 3 groups with only a few exceptions in the market (including Thunder Tiger which dont use a universal fittings for most of their models).

1) 1/10 scale .12 to .18 size engines will generally use a 2 shoe clutch kit. To ensure a fit, simply check their is enough clearance on the front of crankshaft by aprox 20mm as some kits will push out a little further than others.

Next thing to check is the crankshaft thread. It must measure 5mm for any of the kits we stock. Also the smaller flywheel (has a friction face with usually an oval center) will need to be installed on your engine.

Its normal for the clutch housing to move slightly forward and back, however this play can be reduced by simply installing washers around the bearings. Its very important to not remove all the play as this will cause unnecessary friction on the bearings which will cause drastically reduce the life of the bearings and surrounding washers. The clutch housing should always spin freely when spun (whilst engine is not installed).

2) 1/8 scale .21 + engines will use 3 shoe clutch kits. However with exception to SH .21 engines which use a 2 shoe set. Watch out for any other engine which uses a short crank. 3 shoe clutch kits will only work with a "SG" style crank. Best described as having a smooth section on the crankshaft for the clutch bearings to fit followed by a 6mm thread.

To ensure a fit simply check the crank shaft type (if its short or SG) and the thread - 6mm. Unlike 2 shoe kits the friction pad is not needed for SG cranks as a flywheel cone is used instead. However for 2 shoe a friction pad (also known as a small flywheel) is required and will normally be included with the engine.

3) 1/16 Scale - Very unique to each model so its important to check the brand name and ideally the part number in the manual before searching.

2 shoe clutch kit
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