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Wheels and Tyres

Which RC wheels & tyres will fit my model?

To find out which rc wheels & tyres will fit your model, find out the scale and type of model it is. For example 1/10 scale buggy.


All the rc wheels & tyres featured on our site have measurements on them to help you work out whether they will fit. To work it out please check the following measurements from your model:


  • Wheel hex size - measure across the flats to get 12mm or if using a socket set would be M12 as an example (shown as 'C' on diagram below)


  • Inner diameter – measure across the wheel carrier hub top to bottom. The inner diameter listed on our site must be larger than this by a couple of mm (shown as 'B' on diagram below).


  • Outer diameter – measure the outer diameter of the wheel and tyre (shown as 'A' on diagram below).


  • Depth – measure from the edge of the 12mm hub (for example) to the edge of the wheel carrier. Wheels with a no depth will have no problem fitting (so the hub is exactly flat to the wheel edge). Wheels with say a 20mm depth need to be checked that they wont hit the chassis on the car when they are installed. Measure from the edge of the 12mm hub (for example) to the edge of the wheel hub carrier on your model (furthest away). If the measurement is less than 20mm their will no problem fitting the wheels if more than this there is a chance the wheels will catch on the chassis (shown as 'E' on diagram below).


Our current range of rc wheels & tyres can be found on the left menu (scroll up to the top of the page to view).


google.com, pub-2472328583129550, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0
google.com, pub-2472328583129550, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0