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Fuel Lines

Fuel Lines


Two fuel lines are generally available for rc nitro & gas models. Please check the material first before purchase.


For nitro models (using rc scaled nitro fuel) ranging from 1/16 to 1/8 use silicone fuel lines measure 2mm to 3mm inner diameter. 1/16 rc models use fuel line with a 2mm inner diameter and models larger than this scale will generally use a 2.5mm to 3mm inner diameter fuel line.


For gas models this fuel line size can vary usually starting from a 5mm inner diameter up to 9mm. Very much depending on the engine size (cc) for the model. Gas models usually a 1/5 scale using a petrol / oil mix need to use a polymerthane fuel line. If using a silicone fuel line the fuel line will expand if used with petrol making it unsuitable.


How to check which fuel line will fit your model?


Simple just measure the diameter of the fuel nipple, its important to get a size just slightly smaller than the fuel nipple size. E.g. for 3mm go for 2.5mm. All our fuel lines will stretch slightly to fit, getting the exact size fuel line for a fuel nipple will only enable it to slip off during use.