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RC Spoilers


We stock several different rc spoilers to suit different RC buggys and cars. RC spoilers can be adjusted to increase or reduce down force – the more down force the more grip your car will have (rear wheel drive models better suited for this, not recommended for front wheel drive models only).


How to find out if these rc spoilers will fit your model?


To see if this rc spoiler will fit please check measurements on the product description.


For RC Buggys


The rc spoiler mounts will already be on the model. If the spoiler is not pre-drilled you will only need to check the scale is the same as your model. If the spoiler has drill holes already done you will need to check the measurements from the product description will fit your spoiler mounts.


For RC Cars


RC cars will usually not have rc spoiler mounts preinstalled; the spoiler can be installed on the body shell itself. Please only choose the spoilers with spoiler mounts included (will be pictured). Ensure the spoiler length is the same size as the shell (or no more than 50mm if you want it to be slightly larger than the shells width).


1/10 scale spoilers

1/8 scale spoilers



google.com, pub-2472328583129550, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0
google.com, pub-2472328583129550, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0